Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Priceline (PCLN): I Would Not Bet Against Them

People worry that Priceline (PCLN) is not doing well because of the strong dollar. They are saying that the Europeans are traveling...I like that company very much. I think Priceline is an acquisitive company, it has really filled a lot of product holes. A lot of people thought that one day Google (GOOG) would come against them. There will be this moment where Google will be a pitiless, helpless, giant.

When you look at what Priceline (PCLN) has done, it is all under the radar screen., they built this one stop shop. A very smart company. I would not bet against them.

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG): I Expect CMG To Report A Very Good Number

The group has been very, very strong but Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) has been punked lately. I expect Chipotle to report a very good number.

Semiconductor Stocks: Split Performances

The world is split between the internet of things semiconductors and the semiconductors and commodity plays that go into personal computers. It`s handset versus PC. Handset is working.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Randgold Resources Ltd. ADR (GOLD): A Contrary Call On Gold

Gold is a function of a lot of craziness here. The CEO of Randgold said that later this year a lot of these goldmines are going to go bust. So, on that, actually, yes. I am attracted to Randgold (GOLD) and I am attracted to SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD).

That is a very contrarian call. I think I am the only one making it.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Airline Stocks: I Am Increasingly Nervous

I am increasingly nervous about the airlines for a variety of reasons. Fears of weaker traffic in March because of what feels like a slower travel environment.

Stock Market: This Week`s Recap

I think this week is a week where people took stocks and said we run too much, we run too much after the Fed, we run too much in Biotech, maybe there was a bubble, we run too much in the Industrials with the dollar so strong maybe we aren`t going to make the numbers. So, there are a lot of questions that were raised this week and the answers were not resolved in favor of the bulls.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lululemon (LULU): A Better Than Expected Quarter

Many shorts have made a career out of bashing Lululemon (LULU). But Lululemon (LULU) bashed them right back with a better than expected quarter and a forecast that excluding the weather and the west coast port slowdown was actually pretty damn strong.

Union Pacific (UNP) Hit With A Downgrade

Union Pacific (UNP), my favorite rail, they got hit with a downgrade today that sent the stock reeling.

Stocks: AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ)

What really matters in AT&T (T) is that dividend. I believe the dividend is safe. I think the stock is really interesting but I still prefer Verizon (VZ).

Stock Market: Lacking Leadership

There was just a lot of hot money that came into the market last week into semiconductors (Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF : SMH) and biotechs (iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index ETF: IBB) and that has to find a new home. The airlines obviously do not go up on days like today with twin negatives (higher oil and lower market). I just think that we lack leadership here.

Sandisk (SNDK): The Company Continues To Execute Poorly

Sandisk (SNDK) is horrible. This is the third pre-announcement. But the analysts refuse to (admit it). It is odd that the company can continue to execute poorly and is losing a lot of share to Samsung and the analysts are staying behind it.

Market Pre-Open: Oil Prices, Retailers & Restaurant Stocks

I think there is a lot of supply, I know there is demand at 42 - 43 dollars a barrel, I know a lot of people were calling for 15 dollar oil, suddenly are saying oil goes to 60 and has bottomed. I am more sanguine on oil, I think it belongs between 40 and 55 but I also want to see on days like today, you got to be able to go back to the retailers, the restaurants, the domestics and if you think gasoline is going to jump next week you are not going to be inclined to do that trade.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twitter (TWTR): It Has What It Takes To Keep Roaring

The social media stocks have become very sexy. And right now, Twitter (TWTR) is leading the way. But can this move be trusted? Or should you be wary of this once again high flying social media stock?

In short, this Twitter (TWTR) has what it takes to keep roaring.

Ebay (EBAY): Short Term Bullish, Longer Term A No Go

Short term I am bullish. Longer term I worry about a Facebook (FB) coming in and wrecking all that ecosystem. So short term I think you are OK, longer term, no go for me.

Technology Stocks: Leaders With No Followers

In tech we have good news and bad news. The good news is that there is definitively some tech leaders. The bad news is that these stocks are uniquely unqualified to lead because they don`t have many followers. They are too busy disrupting everybody else.

 For example, today`s 5-star general was Netflix (NFLX), which got a couple of pushes from analysts. The issue with Netflix (NFLX) as a general is that it does not inspire any other stocks to rally. Netflix (NFLX) disrupts everyone. Netflix (NFLX) is a 5-sar general but is it leading a 1-man army.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skywork Solutions (SWKS): A Standout Company

Which are the standout companies in connectivity and the internet of all things? First and foremost I like Skywork Solutions (SWKS). That has become a colossus.

Skyworld Solutions (SWKS), which is run by the amazing David Aldrich, is emblematic of all that is good in the semiconductor world.

Solar Stocks: Sunedison (SUNE) May Be The Horse To Bet On

JA Solar (JASO) is OK. I have been favoring First Solar (FSLR) but I have to tell you, I have been having a hard look at Sunedison (SUNE) and that may be the horse to bet on.

Apple Watch: What If It Is The Real Deal?

What if the Apple Watch that comes out next month is the real deal? What if we decide that it is not a watch at all but a health device that also tells you the time? What if we decide that in one arm we need the traditional watch and in the other arm we need our health maintenance device?

Related stock: Apple (APPL)

What If Oil Has Bottomed?

What if oil has bottomed? The simple fact is that two of the savviest people that I know in this world, two with really clear heads, Rich kinder from kinder Morgan Energy partners and Mike Mears from Magellan GP, two companies with gigantic pipelines systems that can peer into the pipe and see the real oil market. Well, both of these gentlemen came on MadMoney and said there is genuine demand for crude oil at the 43 dollars level.

What If Europe Is Really Getting Better?

What if Europe is really getting better? We are starting to see some real growth in retails sales. We are also seeing Germany becoming this monster locomotive that could indeed pull the rest of Europe forward.

A Weaker Dollar Would Be Monumental For Stocks

Do you think Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) went from 98 dollars to 103 on nothing? That is the weaker dollar talking again.

It would be monumental if the dollar stopped going higher. That would catch tons of people by surprise and the majority of hedge funds would be on the wrong side of the trade.

Stocks: IBM Rallying On A Weaker Dollar

Consider that IBM, maybe the most visible of the multinational techs has gone up 10 straight points without the company saying or doing anything. That is because the dollar has gotten weaker.

Pre-Market: Apple (AAPL), Freeport McMoran (FCX), China

I think Apple (AAPL) is doing incredibly well, I think the watch is going to be a big seller. This Freeport McMoran (FCX) news is interesting, they cut their dividend and I think it just shows you exactly how weak China is. Copper spiked yesterday, maybe that was false given that the numbers, the PMI was so weak.