Friday, January 20, 2017

Mad Money Highlights: Don't Short Tesla (TSLA) or Netflix (NFLX)

On the Trump inauguration and the chances of a Trump sell-off:

"It is like they are saying get ready for four years of non-stop turbulence. I am more confident than that." 

"The fact that both the big picture economic data and the companies themselves are telling us that business in this country has turned a corner gives me confidence that a Trump sell-off isn't really warranted here, so if we get one, we can take advantage of it to do some buying." 

"As long as the economic message from soon-to-be-president Trump remains consistent with what we heard on the hill, I think this set-up is a good one, even if there is pain before the gain." 

Cramer also advised not to short Tesla or Netflix:

"They just don't understand the Amazon factor, meaning you may not see what is causing all the love for either company, that love is tangible and palpable." 

"Both Netflix and Tesla, like Amazon, require you to think outside the box of traditional fundamental analysis in order to accurately value their stocks."